About Debra Krebs

Thank you for your interest in my watercolor art.

Several years ago I started painting greeting cards. Friends and family loved these cards and encouraged me to do more. And more I did! Working a bit larger and packaging these simple, inspiring, and playful images in quality mats and frames has made them irresistible. I am grateful to all of you that enjoy my work. It truly is a labor of love.

As a Wisconsin Watercolor Artist, I draw inspiration from three main things. First, from faith. An understanding that the simplest of creation is awesome, beautiful and must be appreciated. Second, is my family and friends. Such great stories, and perspectives on our daily living. The humor is almost too much at times it can bring tears to my eyes. Lastly, I draw on nature. To see the beauty of a Wisconsin sunrise, a leaf or  a Bur Oak standing out in a field helps me to understand there is a higher purpose. My work is not this perfect, but it is perfectly imperfect. 

Most of my work has a deckled edge. This is done by tearing the paper to the size needed before I start painting. I work right up to the edge of the paper. These pieces are then floated on mats for framing. The process in which I scan these images allows me to maintain the deckled edge in my giclée prints. I did not do this at first so there are a few pieces that don't have this affect.

My Giclée prints are done on somerset velvet with a special ink-jet printer that uses archival ink. This simply means that the prints will not fade for 80+ years.

Blessings to you!